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The first piece of slate was collected at the roadside in the Waterkloof area. It previously was a reliant piece of a driveway, but now on its way to the dump. It was cleaned, sealed and wonderful warm oil paint colors and decoupage changed it into a piece of art that warms the heart and beholds the eye. Later pieces of rugged slate were collected from the Hartebeespoort dam area as well as Rustenburg. The beauty of nature does not have to end at the rubbish dump.


The originator of the slate craft was inspired by the seemingly discarded materials of nature. But all of these were used again to inspire those who can enjoy the beauty of all that can be collected from nature. Nothing that seems discarded is ever useless, but can be used to renew the spirit through the eyes of those who wish to see. Each piece is unique in size, weight, and oil colors used. The pictures can be duplicated on request, but the shape of each slate piece will differ. Our website gets updated regularly with the latest pieces that have been completed.

Preparation & Finishing

Slate pieces are washed and sealed with a stone sealer. Once the decorative part is completed, the craft piece is covered with durable liquid glass. The slate pieces are not long term resistant against outdoor weather conditions for example direct sun or rain. They will certainly last for years to come when used for decor indoors. A soft damp cloth is to be used when cleaning the glass surface.

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Let your fondest pictures of the family, event, wildlife, be embedded on slate, covered with liquid glass to ensure a lasting memory of the moments. Different sizes available. Items made to order. Contact for price.

Marietjie Marais

Email: marietjie.marais59@gmail.com
Cellphone Number: 0732780261